With a mere six weeks remaining of my dissertation, I have decided to take the drastic notion of changing the take of my dissertation in its entirity. Well, not completely, but it is certainly starkly different from its current format. Whilst the context and stance are still the same, I have decided that I need to focus more on the contemporary and historical sources and less on Blanche and Margaret themselves. I still, of course, need to illustrate why I have chosen these two queens over all other options, however in a sense they are no longer the core topic of my dissertation, rather the deliberately fashioning of primary sources, such as art, architecture and literature, and the interpretation and reinpretation of subsequent primary sources by historians and their perspectives.

I have decided to take this path due to not having enough space within the word count to incorporate all the ‘facts and figures’ that I would like. I realise that I must do very well on this disseration to be competitive from an academic perspective; otherwise I could end up having to go back to working in administration. Whilst that would not be the end of the world, it is certainly something I would like to avoid.

Wish me luck!!!!!!