Hello All,

I’m not sure how many keep coming here, especially since it has been over two years since my last post. But I am back, for one last post, mostly to inform you that I shall not be posting on this blog again.

I completed my dissertation in November 2011 and was given a Credit overall. I attended my graduation ceremony in March 2012 where I was the only one from my course. Since then, I have not done anything relating to history, study or academia. My hope of completing a PhD was dashed before it even began, as I was informed that I had not received high enough grades to be allowed in the program. I have also applied for and been rejected for each and every single position relating to my studies; be it at the university or state archives, library, gallery and museum. I now refuse to keep bashing my head against a brick wall, waiting for someone somewhere to give me a chance in this industry. I have admitted defeat and now accept that I shall never further myself professionally through my degree. It has been a concept very difficult to accept, but I am now at peace with it. There is nothing wrong with admitting when you cannot do something. I believe it is the measure of an individual who can do this.

However it is still a little painful to be around and be reminded of things that remind me of this time. For better or worse, this includes the blog. So I bid you all farewell. Perhaps in a number of years’ time and if I haven’t deleted this whole thing, I may resurrect it one day.