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Who Do You Think They Were

A pun on the show ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. If you are particularly interested in a certain royal or noble, I shall do my best to create a custom family tree of that person. But I am going to need ideas……


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The greatest threat to Blanche of Castile during the minority of her son, Louis IX Capet King of France, was the young king’s male relatives. Philip of France, Robert of Dreux and Peter of Brittany were constant antagonists during Blanche’s regency. Despite the fact that one was an uncle from a disputed marriage and the other two were second cousins, they were the only remaining male line descendants of the House of Capet; and therefore in the line of succession for the throne, should Louis IX fail to produce an heir. This was a contributing factor was to why it was Blanche who was entrusted with the regency. The family tree below outlines the descent of Philip, Robert and Peter.

10th September

918 – Death of Baldwin II von Harlebek, Count of Flanders

920 – Birth of Louis IV Carolin, King of France

1167 – Death of Matilda Normandy, Lady of the English and wife of Henry V von Salian, Holy Roman Emperor

1169 – Birth of Alexios II Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantine

1197 – Death of Henry II de Blois, Count of Champagne and King of Jerusalem

1308 – Death of Go-Nijo, Emperor of Japan

1382 – Death of Louis I Capet, King of Hungary, Croatia and Poland

1419 – Assassination of Jean II de Valois, Duke of Burgundy

1638 – Birth of Marie-Thérèse Habsburg, Princess of Spain, Archduchess of Austria and wife of Louis XIV de Bourbon, King of France

1669 – Death of Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, Princess of France and wife of Charles I Stuart, King of England

1889 – Death of Charles III Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco

1898 – Assassination of Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie Wittelsbach, Princess of Bavaria and wife of Franz Joseph I Habsburg-Lotharingen, Emperor of Austria

1948 – Death of Ferdinand I Wettin, King of Bulgaria

1000 – Death of Olaf I Hårfagreætta, King of Norway

1087 – Death of William I Normandy, King of England

1349 – Birth of Albert III Habsburg, Duke of Austria

1398 – Death of James I de Lusignan, King of Cyprus

1438 – Death of Duarte I Avis, King of Portugal

1488 – Death of Francis II Capet, Duke of Brittany

1513 – The Battle of Flodden Field where Henry VIII Tudor, King of England, defeats James IV Stuart, King of Scotland

1513 – Death of James IV Stuart, King of England

1513 – Accession of James V Stuart, King of England

1543 – Coronation of Mary I Stuart, Queen of Scotland

1585 – Birth of Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu

1596 – Death of Anna von Jagiellonian, Queen of Poland

2000 – Birth of Victoria Federica de Todos los Santos de Marichalar, Grandee of Spain

1134 – Death of Alfonso I Jimeno, King of Aragon and Navarre

1157 – Birth of Richard I Plantagenet, King of England

1209 – Birth of Sancho II Henriques, King of Portugal

1271 – Birth of Charles Martel Capet, Duke of Anjou and Prince of Naples

1331 – Declaration of the Kingdom of Serbia by Stephen Uroš IV Dušan Nemanjić, King of Serbia

1397 – Death of Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester

1425 – Death of Charles III de Everux, King of Navarre

1621 – Birth of Louis II de Conti, Prince of Conde

1633 – Birth of Ferdinand IV Habsburg, King of Germany

1675 – Death of Amalia von Solms, Countess of Braunfels and wife of Frederick Henry von Nassau, Prince of Orange

1749 – Birth of Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchess of Polignac

1749 – Birth of Maria Teresa Luisa de Savoie, Princess of Lamballe

1761 – Marriage of George III Hanover, King of Great Britain, and Sophia Charlotte von Obotriten, Duchess of Strelitz

1831 – Coronation of William IV Hanover, King of Great Britain, and Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline Wettin, Princess of Saxe-Meiningen

1887 – Birth of Geroge Karađorđević, Crown Prince of Serbia

1933 – Death of Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi Hashemite, King of Egypt

1151 – Death of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and father of Henry II Plantagenet, King of England

1191 – The Battle of Arsuf during the Third Crusade where Richard I Plantagenet, King of England, defeats Saladin ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb

1228 – Commencement of the Sixth Crusade by Frederick II von Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor

1312 – Death of Ferdinand IV de Anscarids, King of Castile and Leon

1438 – Birth of Louis II von Reginar, Landgrave of Hesse

1464 – Death of Frederick II Wettin, Elector of Saxony

1496 – Death of Ferdinand II Trastamara, King of Naples

1533 – Birth of Elizabeth I Tudor, Queen of England

1674 – Birth of Ernest Augustus Hanover, Duke of York and Albany

1683 – Birth of Maria Anna Habsburg, Archduchess of Austria and wife of Joao V de Braganca, King of Portugal

1812 – The Battle of Borodino where Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor of France, defeats Alexander I Romanov, Tsar of Russia

1817 – Birth of Luise Wilhelmine Friederike Caroline Auguste Julie von Reginar, Princess of Hesse-Kassel and wife of Christian IX Oldenburg, King of Denmark

1818 – Coronation of Carl III Bernadotte, King of Norway (aka Charles XIV Bernadotte, King of Sweden)

1822 – Declaration of the Empire of Brazil by Pedro I de Braganca, Emperor of Brazil

972 – Death of His Holiness Pope John XIII

1666 – Birth of Ivan V Romanov, Tsar of Russia

1923 – Birth of Peter II Karađorđević, King of Yugoslavia

1926 – Birth of Claus von Amsberg, husband of Beatrix I von Nassau, Queen of the Netherlands

1940 – Abdication of Carol II Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, King of Romania

1940 – Accession of Michael I Hohenzollern-Signmaringen, King of Romania

1948 – Accession of Julianna I von Nassau, Queen of the Netherlands

1997 – Funeral of Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales

2006 – Birth of Hisahito Yamato, Prince of Japan

5th September

1187 – Birth of Louis VIII Capet, King of France

1201 – Death of Constance I de Penthièvre, Duchess of Brittany

1235 – Henry I von Reginar, Duke of Brabant

1319 – Birth of Pedro IV Carcassone, King of Aragon

1548 – Death of Catherine Parr, sixth and final wife of Henry VIII Tudor, King of England

1638 – Birth of Louis XIV de Bourbon, King of France

1666 – The Great Fire of London is finally quenched

1722 – Birth of Frederick Christian Wettin, Elector of Saxony

1725 – Wedding of Louis XV de Bourbon, King of France and Maria Karolina Zofia Felicja Leszczyńska, Princess of Poland

1771 – Birth of Karl Ludwig Johann Josef Lorenz Habsburg-Lotharingen, Archduke of Austria

1816 – The dissolution of the ‘Unobtainable Chamber’ by Louis XVIII de Bourbon, King of France


626 – Li Shimin becomes Emperor Taizong of China

1037 – Death of Bermudo III de Anscarids, King of Leon

1199 – Death of Joan Plantagenet, Princess of England and wife of William II de Haunteville, King of Sicily

1241 – Birth of Alexander III Caennmor, King of Scotland

1383 – Birth of Amadeus VIII de Savoie, Count of Savoy

1557 – Birth of Sophie von Mecklenburg, Princess of Gustrow and wife of Frederick II Oldenburg, King of Denmark and Norway

1563 – Birth of Wanli, Emperor of China

1870 – Deposition of Napoleon III Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

1896 – Birth of Aspasia Manos, wife of Alexander I Oldenburg, King of Greece

1948 – Abdication of Wilhelmina I von Nassau, Queen of the Netherlands